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Integrated Equine Technology

Equine Bowen Therapy

There are various options available for you and/or your horse, they are:

  • Equine Bowen therapy
  • Sekhem healing
  • Bits and bitting advice
  • Stable management advice
  • Riding Instruction
  • Courses, workshops, clinics, lecture demonstrations and talks
  • Collagen skincare products
  • Food supplements and nutritional products
  • Holistic options and approaches to equine management

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve and enrich the lives of both our clients and their horses. By providing knowledge, information, products and services our aim is to enable clients to create and maintain a harmonious relationship with their horses in the most natural way.

In order to achieve this mission, we observe the following principles:

  • Integrity and ethical practices
  • The provision of the best quality products
  • The provision of a professional service tailored to our client's requirements
  • Attention to detail
  • Honest representation of what we provide and who we are
  • Work within the confines of the law
  • Constant and diligent re-appraisal and updating of knowledge, information, products and services provided or recommended
  • Continuous personal development of those with key roles within our business

Stella James


I have over thirty years experience with horses, am a qualified instructor and stable manager with the BHS and is a listed dressage judge. I have also owned and run my own riding school and livery yard. My main specialist area is in bits and bitting. I am currently learning about Western riding,  its various disciplines, principles, equipment, terminology and the American Quarter Horse. Additionally, I take an active interest in finding out and learning about different holistic approaches in relation to horses in order to increase my knowledge and understanding of the best ways to keep our horses healthy and to improve our interactions with them.

I am a qualified Bowen therapist able to treat both horses and people. I am a qualified practitioner in NLP, Timeline Therapy™ techniques, Hypnosis, and Huna and so am able to deal with any psychological issues which may arise in relation to riding and performance goals, ie fear, lack of confidence or phobias. I am also a qualified Master/Teacher in Sekhem healing.

Bits and Bitting

Specialist advice available on bits and bitting and the health challenges to your horse. Conditions and ailments that have been shown to be bit related are:

  • head shaking
  • asphyxia (thickness of wind , roaring, and choking up)
  • facial neuralgia
  • pulmonary bleeding
  • behavioural problems
  • performance reduction
  • muscular/skeletal problems induced by oxygen depravation

Riding Instructon

Riding instruction is available in relation to, and in conjunction with, Equine Bowen therapy as appropriate.


Various courses, workshops and clinics are available where you can learn new skills approaches and ideas relating to horses, some of which will allow you to gain qualifications in what you learn for use on you, your horse and those of your clients.

For more details, please contact Stella James.

What is Equine Bowen therapy?
Equine Bowen therapy is an effective, gentle 'hands on' therapy which works on the muscles and soft tissues or fascia of the body stimulating the body's own healing mechanism affecting the whole body, not just parts of it.

How does it work?
Equine Bowen therapy facilitates the release of toxins from the body which may be producing 'blockages' to the flow of energy and consequently generating dis-ease. Once the natural flow and balance of the body has been restored this then allows all the systems of the body to function more efficiently. Bowen has also been found to accelerate the healing process.

What does an Equine Bowen treatment entail?
A treatment involves having 3 sessions.

The first session usually takes about 1 1⁄2 hours, subsequent sessions each being about 40 minutes to an hour long.

The first session will include an assessment of conformation, both static and dynamic. A Flexicurve reading and photographs may be taken.

In addition to this, details regarding stabling/grazing and feeding will be taken as well as details of the current problem and any other relevant information.

Sessions are spaced 5 – 10 days apart.

After the initial treatment of 3 sessions, advice will be given as to whether further Bowen sessions are required.

Monthly sessions may be recommended, for prevention or maintenance, depending on the condition or ailment being treated.

NB: Your veterinarian must be informed of your horse receiving Equine Bowen treatment as it is illegal to treat any animal without your vet’s permission.

Which type of horse is Equine Bowen suitable for?
Equine Bowen therapy is suitable for all horses, of all ages and disciplines including:

  • Showjumping
  • Dressage
  • Eventing or horse trials
  • Racing
  • Polo
  • Hunting
  • Point to point
  • Driving
  • Pony club
  • Vaulting
  • Riding club
  • Endurance
  • Showing
  • Western

What conditions or ailments can Equine Bowen be beneficial for?
Equine Bowen can be beneficial for various conditions and ailments including:

  • Muscular/skeletal problems
  • Injuries - old and new
  • Wounds
  • Respiratory problems – whistlers and roarers
  • Recurrent Airway Obstruction (formerly COPD)
  • Hayfever and other Allergies
  • Behavioural problems
  • Stereotypical behaviour (formerly vices)
  • Fractures
  • Performance enhancement
  • Lymphangitis
  • Pedal osteitis
  • Mud fever
  • Navicular disease or syndrome
  • Laminitis
  • Bitting problems
  • Head shaking
  • Back problems
  • Circulatory problems
  • Urinary problems
  • Relaxation and general well being

Is it beneficial for horse and rider to be treated together?
Yes. Horse and rider may benefit from having Bowen therapy as a combination in order to help alleviate problems with any imbalance of the horse or rider, or both, whether the cause be of a mental (ie lack of self confidence), emotional (ie tension etc) or physical nature (injury).

Please see our Health page for more information.


Synergistic Change Technology

Who is Synergistic Change Technology for?
For anyone who experiences fears or has issues connected with competing, general riding or dealing with horses.


Is this you?
Do you go into panic at the thought of competing?

Are you disorganised before an event worrying that you have forgotten something?

Do you display obsessive type behaviour - checking and re-checking things that you know have been done?

Are you extremely emotional - expressing irrational anger or irritability, or become overly upset and tearful?

Do you experience fear or lack confidence riding or handling horses or in the yard environment?

Do you have difficulty achieving goals or feel that you never achieve your goals?

How can Lovedayjames help me resolve these issues?

We can assist you to:

  • release negative emotions, limiting decisions and/or beliefs which influence your emotional state and keep you stuck
  • help you to change your thinking so you can change your behaviour
  • help you create new strategies so you can achieve your goals easily and effortlessly

How does it work?
By using a combination of powerful techniques and processes including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), HYPNOSIS, TIMELINE THERAPY™ techniques and HUNA, which work together synergistically, you will enjoy effective, long lasting, practical results and solutions to your issues.

A detailed personal history of the issue or problem is taken so that the techniques and processes used are tailored so as to facilitate the optimum results for you and in that respect all sessions are uniquely designed.

Nutritional and Supplementary Products for Horse and Rider

Instant manicure/ pedicure - hand and foot treatment, ideal for skin problems, dermatitis, etc
100% collagen capsules - skincare, anti-ageing, arthritis, joint and muscle problems
Lactoferin - immune system enhancer and iron binder
Collostrum - immune system enhancer
Vita Balance 2000 - vitamins and minerals for general health and well being
Green Magic - vitamins and minerals for general health and well being

100% collagen capsules - skincare, anti-ageing, arthritis, joint and muscle problems
Lactoferin - immune system enhancer and iron binder
Collostrum - immune system enhancer

For more information and to puchase these and other products, please go to www.stellalovedayjames.myforever.biz/store

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